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Welcome to A2-2000

The Apple ][ Monthly
Freeware Online EZine - Diskazine

Contact: Charles T. 'Dr. Tom' Turley
Editor - A2-2000

Postal: 115 Santa Clara St.
Brisbane, CA 94005-1736

Voice: 415-468-1609

Notice: Due to a massive ISP hard drive crash and back-up failure on 12/13/97 some of the data was lost for the original online issues from July thru November 1997 and couldn't be reconstructed.
The final issue of A2-2000 (archived and online) to be published by me will be - Dec.98.
Anybody that's interested in taking over the A2-2000 publication efforts as of December,
1998 -- please contact me to make arrangements! The Dec.97 issue of A2-2000 is
being made available as an online EZine collective only and will not be furnished in a ShrinkIt archive
because of its total content and large size (nearly 21MB). The table of contents for the Dec.97 issue of A2-2000 can be reviewed from the url's noted below.

A2-2000 will be released between the 15th and the 25th of each month,
(providing no obstacles are encountered)
covering all Apple II models in all aspects, on a single 3.5 disk and/or data disks- also as an online issue, depending on my abilities to provide it.

Each issue released will cover the past 20 years of all Apple II productivity.
A2-2000 also covers the most current issues ( as premitted ) and speculation on the future abilities , with repsect to all Apple II models.

is offered freely in the two manners outlined below or as an online issue only, depending on each issues total size, content and my abilities to provide it as such; in an archive and/or online issue - in the hope that these presentation formats will cover all options worldwide with its distribution and availability for everybody that wants it.

(1) Each monthly release will be available for download
presented as a ShrinkIt self-booting disk and/or data disk archives
from the following ftp and http urls on the Internet.

Directory of /pub/A2.2000.ARCHIVES



(All links are currently available.)

All other ftp, BBS', web sites and online services are also welcome to make any of the
A2-2000 monthly freeware ShrinkIt archived issues (that I'm able to provide as such) available
if they wish (FOR FREE ONLY - with no restrictions).
Posting the archives each month as a binary file to the Usenet
comp.binaries.apple2 newsgroup is also an option - should anybody care to do that.

(2) Provided the specific monthly issue isn't offered as an online diskazine collective only and is made available in disk or archive format for that months issue) it will be offered to those without Internet access or that simply wish to receive A2-2000 on a disk to read, review and enjoy - by mail each month, you can also
send $1.50 (US) per monthly issue for covering the cost of each monthly 3.5 - 800k ProDOS disk, postage and shipping only to:

Charles T. Turley
115 Santa Clara St.
Brisbane, CA 94005-1736

(3) For those that prefer it on 3.5 - 800k disk or in monthly disks bundles on
5.25 ProDOS disks (if that's the only way you can use it) - you can email
your request to Ben Johnson via the email below:
and arrange to receive it from Ben directly - as he is the only authorized and
permitted distributor of A2-2000 in this manner.

I'm leaving the Apple ][ community in December, 1998 for a new career venture. Unless somebody decides to take over the monthly publication efforts of A2-2000 - the last issue to be published by me will be Dec.98.