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Most files are available by three methods. The file name link downloads files from the server you are currently on using the HTTP protocol. The HTTP and FTP links following the file name will retrieve the file from the master Trenco archive using the HTTP or FTP protocols, respectively.


These are utilities typically used when making file archives. This includes archiving and compression utilities, binscii/base64 encoders and decoders, and Binary-II wrapper utilities.


Telecommunications programs.


Database programs.


These are demonstration programs. They are typically either demos of otherwise commercial programs, or "proof of concept" programs that are not fully functional.


General documentation that is specific to the Apple IIgs. There may be documentation in other subdirectories as well, when a more specific classification is appropriate.


These are (text) editors, word processors, and related programs. Programs which are multifunctional (like AppleWorks, if Appleworks were publicly available) appear in "suites".


Programs and data of an educational nature.


A great way to waste your time.


GNO/ME, the UNIX-like environment for the Apple IIgs that sits on top of GS/OS.


Graphics programs, sample data, clip art, and so forth.


Programs and data that consist of more than one presentation type.


These are utilities and libraries for use with ORCA/Shell and ORCA languages. See also the "gno" directory; file archives which are compatible with both GNO and ORCA will be found under the GNO hierarchy.


Utilities, sample programs, documentation geared towards programmers of the Apple II. See also the "gno" directory.


Programs and data for both sound and music clips.


These are programs or their associated data which are multi-functional; they fit into multiple categories like wordprocessors, database applications, spreadsheets, paint programs, and so forth.


System utilities. Mostly patches and things you can find in the "system" folder of your boot volume.


General non-programming-specific utilities.

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